Custom-made fixtures San Pancrazio Salentino


Infissi su misura San Pancrazio Salentino
The joiner's workshop Lega realizza custom-made fixtures in lamellar wood. Main products are windows, door-windows and balconies, verandas, but -on request- the company can also provide shutters and roller shutters in wood or aluminium.
All fixtures are certified and complies with the requisite requested by the law concerning energetic efficiency; clients who decide to change old fixtures can obtain all tax cuts provided by ecobonus.
The activity offers a service complete and personalised: from consultation in the step of ideation to the concrete project, from production to installation and activation. For the realisation of custom-made fixture at San Pancrazio Salentino firstly a survey takes place, in order to take measures and make an accurate quote. When the client selected materials and colors to be used, the production starts.
The matierial is cut and shaped in the requested shape. Still unrefined, but polished with sand, the products are submerged into a basin filled with impregnant solution in order to make them more resistant against atmospheric agents. The wood is ready to be painted thanks to the protection. In the painting cab three coats are applied: one for the primer and two for refining.

The varnish can be transparent for highlighting the natural veins of the wood, or coloured, according to the needs of the clients; in any case, all varnishes used for realising custom-made fixtures are ecological and water-based, in order to make the maintenance easier: in the case of wear, only the point can be repaired without painting again the whole product.

The joiner's workshop also treats reparation and maintenance of doors and windows, also if not from own production. Surveys, quotes, installations and placement are included in the final price.
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