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Since more than a half century the joiner's workshop Lega a San Pancrazio Salentino creates and realises wood handmade products. The company starts in 1964 by the father of the actual owner, Salvatore Antonio Lega, that in 1990 becomes chief of the business. This generational exchange is not only a turnover in the gudance of the company, but it means also growing and innovation. Salvatore decides, indeed, to enlarge the activity, investing on hi-tech instruments in order to join tradition and modern procedures for working wood and for staying in line with the times.The joiner's workshop is specialised in furniture for interiors, handmade furniture and fixtures. The care for detail, the capability to create unique and fine products and the great attention towards the client are the guarantee for a work of highest quality.The entrepreneurial spirit, the groupwork, the passion, the experience and the competence contribute to create a creative environment, competivie in trade, apt to individuate and offer personalised and perfect solutions for a competitive price.
The staff is made of the the owner, his brother and a worker. The business is based upon the professionalism of technicians specialised in 2D and 3D drawing too, who use sofisticated software for realising the preview of the works that have to be done.
The whole team periodically follows review courses about materials to use, new technologies and new tendencies of trading.

The vocation of the joiner's workshop Lega remains artisan, as the same nature of this work, thus, with help of technological tools very accurate, well refined custom-made products can be realised, in a short time and according to the needs of the client.
Used machineries and tools are labeled CE. Traditional joiner's tools are combined with two tenoners, a toupie and a computerised machinery that executes accurate operations on the base of set programs.

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