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Custom-made joiner's workshop San Pancrazio Salentino Lega


Fixtures, furniture, verandas and porticoes


The advent of new technologies and the industrial products give to the handmade products like those made by the custom-made joiner's workshop at San Pancrazio Salentino even more charm.
Specialised in production of every kind of fixture like windows, door-windows, balconies, front doors, internal doors, the company also realises custom-made furniture for modular kitchens, wall wardrobe, furniture for bathrooms, rooms for children, personalised bookcases, writing desks and tables, balustrades for stairs, porticoes, verandas, garden houses and external coverages of any kind. The company also realises personalised cutting in wood, assemblying of parquet and staircases, assistance in building sites and selling of wood tables. The custom-made joiner's workshop works for commission and is addressed both to private single clients and companies. All products are treated in order to result functional, resistent and durable. The realised treatments guarantee endurance against heat, cold and all types of weather.

Products can be realised in any form and size, in the style that best matches the request of guests, from the classic to the modern passing through the rustic and shabby chic one. The fixtures of the joiner's workshop are certified and reflect all parameters that make it possible to achieve financings and tax breaks contemplated by law.
The joiner's workshop Lega also handles maintenance, assistance and repairing of all kinds of wood products. Based on the realising work, joiners evaluate the best technique for operating and they decide if the repair can be executed in situ or there is need to make an action in the main office, always in the shortest possible time.
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For all products that have to be realised, the staff of the joiner's workshop firstly makes a survey for contextualizing the work that has to be done and for making a quote that is as compliant as possible with the final outlay, which contains also the placement and the free activation.
The most employed types of wood are: mahogany, meranti mahogany, sapelli mahogany, hickory, tanganica hickory, Daniela hickory, national hickory, toulipier, ash and durmast.
All products can preserve the original colour of the wood or be painted in several nouances, according to the needs and gusto of the guests.